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Klaas Kersting is the CEO and Co-Founder of Gameforge:

Gameforge is the largest independent supplier of browser- and client-based MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) worldwide. The company offers more than 12 games in over 50 languages. More than 65 million players have already registered for Gameforge games, and more than 13 million people actively play the company?s online titles.

We talk about

  • role playing and strategy seem to be targeted to a male audience
  • why the Asian market is so far ahead
  • differences of the markets – Europe / Asia / North America
  • the relevance of language barriers and why you have to know the market
  • should game development go browser / mobile / desktop?
  • Mobile gaming is the next big thing since 10 years … Our mobile strategy is: waiting.
  • chances of what can be done mobile for gaming
  • why gaming is a huge and perfect market to be in right now
  • how did they start, failed in the English market and then expanded to 50 languages
  • why the US companies have a profit-limiting view on the world
  • the mess of international payments on the net

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