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As most of you know, when I go to conferences, I like to do a pre conference podcast. I do believe that a conference should start earlier than just arriving at the check in and continue afterwards. It was only natural then to do one for Les Blogs.

So, today the Les Blogs 2.0 podcast started on bloxpert, where you will find a The first episode is a not so naked conversation. I will link from here to all episodes, but if you want to podcatch them, you will need to subscribe to that feed.

The most difficult thing about this podcast was not doing the recordings but getting in contact with this huge list of speakers. You would not believe how many of them had no way of contacting them through their webpage / blog. :((( And some of them did not even mail me back *sigh*.

From experience I can say: Their loss. Not because they miss out on meeting me, but they loose a chance to present themself to a very interested listenership. Those interviews are not only heard by attending guests, but others also. And many of them told in the interview which kind of partners they would like to meet at the conference, especially from the audience.

But before you, my loyal follower trough my personal publishing empire, cry in despair, it is very easy. Useful Sounds will only be the personal podcast, cruel to be kind is my english blog and bloxpert is to be the page where I blog about social software tools, links to studies, best cases, etc. The more ‘serious’ page if you like. :)

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  1. Thank yo so much for all your work on this Nicole, and sorry again for having been so late back to help you…