Let there be constant noise around me


It is Wednesdaz evening and I am sitting here with some folks from the Etech crowd in the hotebar.
Some conversation in the background, not really hearable for me, and a lot of noise from other guest, but as often in these situations I find, that I can absolutly wonderully calm down in this steady noise and get into the mood of writing something.

It is as if this is a noise dampener to something I don|t really know. At the same time I am highly annoyed by sound like door banging etc as we where able to hear over the day at the conference.

I really need to figure out a way to create this kind of enviroment once I am back at home in order for me to be really writing >(


One Response to “Let there be constant noise around me”

  1. mark says:

    You’re the first person I’ve heard say this, other than me. I write pages and pages when I’m in conference sessions. Something about the ideas being discussed triggers thoughts, and I get into a writing/thinking groove where I turn out some of the most interesting work. I wish I could get this at home. Podcasts of conferences combined with lots of coffee, air conditioning turned lower than is comfortable, and an unstable folding chair with my laptop in my lap is as close as I can get.