Leweb 08 preconference podcast – Inteview overview


December is when Europe (and several batches of people from the US) travels to Paris to enjoy the food and the wine, because it is Leweb time. All of Europe? Nope. But the relevant part. ;)

As such it is a great pleasure for me to do again a pre conference podcast with some of the speakers. I will finish the uploads by sunday so you should have enough time to listen to all of them.

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Overview of the LeWeb08 Interviews

Tip: Each interview has the image seen on the right with a link back to this overview.

I would very much appreciate it ;) if you help your fellow Leweb guests help discover these interviews before they start of for Paris. Each and every one of the interviews has a kind of “tweet this” with preset text about that specific interview in the bottom similar to this one:

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2 Responses to “Leweb 08 preconference podcast – Inteview overview”

  1. my question to Linda Avey: do people change their lives after knowing about their genes?

  2. Martin Koser says:

    Well, I got one question for Robin Good: will more businesses adopt social media practices – and probably learn from Obama’s social media usage during the campaign?

    And I would like to ask David Weinberger (and probably Joi too) – on their ideas on closing the digital gap. I perceive such a gap, basically between people of different age but other traits are related as well, like education, upbringing etc. Today I think that mobile internet access will help a lot in closing the gap, what other factors doe they see? And how should “we, the geeks” change, given we bother about the gap?