Lil’ Skypies – write Skype name per plugin?


While we are on the “Nicole asks and might get some cool answers” trip (thanks for the tips so far!), you might have noticed more and more people rebelling because of the missing message of the day feature of Skype. They use their name info with additional text. Like the Yahoo blast.

Mur Lafferty for example notes how many words she still has to write, and regarding other authors like Evo Terra and Tee Morris, I know through their message of the day that they have finished the Podcasting for Dummies manuscript.

But it is always going into options, click profile, change it, save it, save it …. Now, as Skype does have API functionality: Wouldn’t there be an easy way just to fix that and make a little plugin? [ Easy as in easy for people who really can programm. ]

The same could work with plazes – instead of just having some message of the day, one could use that way to set your current location in Skype.

We could call them Skypies btw. :)

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