Loic goes podcasting amd is podcasting not a social software tool?


Yes, he has tried a bit in french, but then again is that really podcasting? ;)))

Conversation with Robert Scoble 1/2
Conversation with Robert Scoble 2/2

A feed is available too and perhaps we now can learn from him what everybody wants to know – how to make blogs ubiquitous in not only France. I am curious to hear them talking. ;) And it is good to see that they ‘eat their own dogfood’ at Typepad, as they just have released new podcasting features. Alistair Shrimpton is late on this one. :)

On an additional note on getting social software into the masses: I was at a regular meetup for starting/-ed businesses in Lübeck last week and guess what – the presentation there not only covered how to make a good website but also blogs and *gasp* RSS. And it was not the usual me trying to convince people but someone else! :)) [And you got to love competitive men. There was one proudly shouting out “I am number one for my name!” – and he had a very unfamiliar name. Yeah Boy? Try me. I have the first page. (Which just means, I have to many sites, but that is another story.)]

But I was irritated not to see Podcasting on the list of social software. on the Wikipedia. Is it just that nobody took the time to insert it there, are the editors not aware of it or is there more to it?

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