Loic Lemeur tells us to go back to our countries and distribute our knowledge.


This article had another title before, but due to it’s ‘success’ in ranking for Google I have changed the title of the blogentry. Imagine this entry written with a lot of smileys when I talk about ‘hating’ him. It is more with a twink of an eye.

I hate Loic Lemeur – and he should be hated by everyone. (see, got your attention).

Two big concepts shown at reboot were sharing and idealism. In the old world, this would be seen as heading for failure. But looking around at reboot showed the opposite: This will be successfull. And many smart people will make it happen – regardless of which nation.

So, why do I hate Loic? Just finished a phone call with him [he was supposed to be the first preboot podcast – now it will be the first postboot :)] and I did my first after-conference post yesterday on my german blog, stating “go over to crueltobeking, because there will be only blogging in english”.

While talking to Loic he supposed we should do the opposite – try to bring to our countries what we have learned this weekend, not keep it to ourself but share, and form the world through it. Which of course is the correct way to go. Great. Now not only I do have to blog in German too, but also explain why I change my mind in some 18 hours or so! At least I am open enough to see my mistakes. ;) Oh, and he has a very cool bet / idea about a new possible european party, promoted just to bloggers.

I’m off to audio editing now and am hoping strongly, that there are not so many problems in the recording, because this was really an interesting talk. :) Wish us all luck!

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