Meet the podshow britcasters!


The britcasters are going podshow – well nearly as Neil put it in

In the past few days since the word going out about Adam Curry wanting to meet UK podcasters and my well timed Skype interview with him (to be available soon), I have now had five conversations – yes five, of varying degrees of seriousness and intensity – asking when will ’sell out’ in some way to a London, UK division of Podshow Inc. Astonishing.

While it would be interesting to meet Adam Curry, I am more interested in seeing those brits again, like Alex Bellinger, Neil and his wife Jen, Podcast Paul, Lloyd Davis and many more.

From Adam’s perspective it must be a good PR thing to connect with the britcasters after all this time, and generate some positive vibe. And yes, I think it is a media thing. There have been so few connections to the britcasters before from him that it is suspicious that he does now. But, there is a perfect oportunity to meet some podcasters at the next Podcastcon UK. They may actually give him the keynote they would have liked him for the last year.

Do I believe it is all PR? No. Adam has shown a certain kind of geekiness and want to connect with people, but the overall message is still clearly business. If he wants to make a meeting with the podcasters, I am sure the room will fill itself with a lot of people from podcasting. And that would be the reason why I would go: It would be around the corner from me and I would get to see a lot of people again / new with a build in test seeing who is sucking up to the man with the hair and who is not. Guess who I will be talking to after that. ;)

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One Response to “Meet the podshow britcasters!”

  1. jEN says:

    Thanks for the mention Nicole! Hope to see you at a future get-together. :)