Missing Gmail feature


One think I really like is setting the priority of a mail. Of course, nearly everybody around me is not capable of using this properly and always uses high priority – on every mail. Especially when men ‘need’ to have this default setting, it tells me a lot about this person. I really would like this feature to be available, especially in my current mailer Gmail.

Why? I just sent out a thank you note with some additional text. While I would like this mail to be read, I added a “fyi, no response needed” because for me, this mail thread has ended. And the content of the mail is not as ‘important’ as that it needs to be a) read in time or b) read first. And, I know the other person uses a mail system which displays this flag. :)

The problem with those flags is less the fact that we use ‘low priority’ but that people want to use “hight priority” like a “look at me! look at me!”. That is a training process, but as said at the top of this message: people, who don’t get this, also don’t get a lot of other things, so this is a fine indicator of whether or not they are competible with me.

But in order to help me and others cope with mail … perhaps I should just ask for the low setting. :)


One Response to “Missing Gmail feature”

  1. Jack Fritz says:

    I would really like to give a priority to some mail and also to have a read request return. These are really all the faults I have found with Gmail.