My SXSW cheat sheet (or: the madness that is SXSWi)


While I am going through all kind of information I though I list them for you as well … Some of these you should put directly in your phone book or save them as a document on your mobile phone.

[Now, collecting was the easy part. *sigh* now to bring that all into my systems cause I don’t get mobile access *grrrrr*]

Information from the official site:

Useful information from SXSW baby

Also happening

  • Barcamp Austin
  • Blog Network Camp (upcoming)
  • sxswbaby: the other festival:

    Everyone knows about the SXSW Music, Film and Interactive festivals. Pish, they’re old news. But alongside the big three, there are some other SXSW-sanctioned events you might not be aware of.

    • ScreenBurn: Now in its third year, the Screenburn Festival shows off the latest innovations and future directions of the gaming industry with a mix of panel discussions and the ScreenBurn Arcade. …
    • SXSWclick: An online/mobile media festival, showcasing short-form storytelling created using or for mobile devices or the web. This film-focused event is entirely virtual. …
    • Flatstock: Co-presented by SXSW and the American Poster Institute, Flatstock brings together works by music poster artists from around the world, representing all sorts of artistic styles and music genres. …

Links which help you manage the event / information overflow

  • the official page has a kind of ‘pick your panels / films’ system which results in an ical file, start from this program overview
  • collection: SXSWi 2008 ical schedule panels + evening events
  • Upcoming SXSW Interactive 2008 thankfully the people attending sxsw use upcoming as it is supposed to be used …
  • Additional tip if you live in another timezone and use MS Outlook: right click on the timeline in your calendar, pick “change timezone” and add a second with Austin time, helps you put stuff at the right place …
  • google blog search request on south by southwest / sxsw / sxswi (3 because or does not work yet)
  • twitter search on sxsw
  • SXSW Videos with youtube import (although I am more likely to go with OVI as it seems)
  • Connect: Twitter wiki with attendees’ twitter ids
    Additional infos from the wiki:
    • great BBQ near the Convention Center. Look no further than Iron Works BBQ at 100 Red River.
    • There are two WiFi Networks, each on a different frequency band. One is identified by SXSW2008 and the other SXSW2008 5GHz. The SXSW2008 5 GHz network is the higher performance network with more channels and faster speeds. If a WiFi device sees the SXSW2008 5 GHz network please select it. These are the only official networks for internet access at the Austin Convention Center
    additional information from there: Use craigslist to find a place to stay

Found on the way, also looks interesting:

Added links<2008-02-29: ul>

  • Why SXSWi is like visiting Disney World
  • iF! Trade Show + Exhibition plus 2008 Exhibitor List
  • SXSW Past, Present, and Future,
    Interview with Hugh Forrest, Director of Events, SXSW Interactive (via )
  • Daily Idea:Ultimate Guide to SXSW Interactive

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    4 Responses to “My SXSW cheat sheet (or: the madness that is SXSWi)”

    1. Love SXSW cheat sheet that @nicolesimon made last yr – Some links need to be updated for 2009, but still good info

    2. To read: cheat sheet that @nicolesimon made last yr – Some links need to be updated for 2009 (via @betsyweber)

    3. kathryn says:

      Thanks for the links to! I’ll be posting my updated SXSW checklist later on this week, as well as a Where to Eat map in PDF.

    4. kathryn says:

      PS Dillo service is more limited at night, so I’d be careful about booking rooms too far away from downtown Austin.