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As usual I am undecided what to present, as I do not live and die for just one project. ;) Given the mails and comments I receive most others are undecided as well. I therefore have made an extra page at the wiki where we can add what we would like to do or hear about others:

What will you present / hold a discussion on at Barcamp London

I am posting this message to gauge interest of the participants, the topics which come to my mind are
“Fostering q&a discussion about topics European steps in Web 2.0, Second Life or Podcasting”

Podcasting is a natural to me – I have done this for nearly two years now and still a lot of people are new to it or want to learn about it. I am more than happy to do this, if there is interest.

Second Life – I would be more on the marketing / business side of it than just the programming one like for example Kosso. I would like to discuss ways, possibilities, best practise on how to use this on not only the business side but to enrich life. Or find reasons why this is a bad idea.

European steps in Web2.0 is of course a bullshit bingo term, but I would find this especially interesting in regard of European continent versus just the UK. Where are we going, what would we like to see, how could we benefit from one another. Germany for example is ‘famous’ for not catching up, but on the flip side there is a huge web 1.0 business which I find puzzling. A lot of us are also self employed or with smaller companies – perhaps we can find and share examples of what works or not for business reasons.

And yes, European. You do live on that island but you are in reach!

Usage of openc
I do work with openbc as a tool quite a lot as well as moderate forums, for example Global Business Women. I find it crucial to be aware of such services and decide which ones to use or not. I can present differences to linked in (which I only use as a backup if at all) and how to make best use of all of them. openbc does not only have nearly 1.5 million users, it is also the primary European networking tool. You know that continent thing again. ;) (Disclaimer: I do work with openbc on a project).

Feedback / testing
I am known to love betatesting and giving feedback on application and webpages. If you have such, try to fetch me. I should not be so hard to spot as one of the few females. ;)

Project / Work
My main reason to come to Barcamp is to get to know a lot of new people like on Barcamp L.A. and meet some familiar faces.
Very important to me as well is to learn and get inspired.

Which not at all excludes the fact that I am looking for projects in the english speaking sphere in my different fields of expertise. Which for example would be advisory on how to built and use blogs, podcast or classical online communities. More about myself would be here and if you share some of those ideas, please feel free to get us together at barcamp.

But main thing is to meet and learn. Oh and have fun. :)

As I am not sure if I will have net access tomorow, I might not respond until Saturday morning on site or Friday evening at the Geek dinner.

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3 Responses to “My topic at Barcamp London”

  1. Thom Shannon says:

    I’d like to hear some ideas on how businesses could make use of SL, I’m really not sure about it but there seems to be a lot of hype. Even the BBC are getting into it!

  2. kosso says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Are you suggesting I have only a computer mind and not a business and marketing one? ;)

    I spent 5 years in B2B Advertising and always try to invent/build systems which have a market and therefore a business model ;)

    Looking forward to seeing everyone – I guess I’d better work out which one of my projets I should talk about ;)

    Maybe a talk about me being a college/uni dropout (failed computing! haha!) and how I have used the knowledge available on the web to become a self-taught ‘citizen’ developer and ‘createc’, happliy being paid for over a decade to persue my hobby! :))

  3. Nicole says:

    Thom and your user scripts looks good as well :)

    Kosso: Hei. You do program much more than I do! And I think there will be some more of that kind at the Barcamp. So come up with something better ;)