New interviews with Steve Olechowski and Jeff Clavier


My next two interviews for the Les Blogs podcasts are with Steve from Feedburner and Jeff from SofttechVC.

What amazes me every time when I do these interviews is how different every of the interviewed is, and how different their companies are. This is especially true when we talk about RSS, Feedburner seems to be ‘just in the same market’ as all the other speakers attending from the RSS area – but they are not. Everybody of them has a different story, a different take on things.

Jeff’s interview was interesting especially on the subject of “when does it make sense to pitch for VC money at all” and I am really looking forward to this panel, because he was the first moderator to promise a real interaction with the audience.

It is only nine more days until I fly over to Paris, I can’t wait! :)

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One Response to “New interviews with Steve Olechowski and Jeff Clavier”

  1. Jeff Clavier says:

    Thanks Nicole. Steve’s interview was interesting indeed.

    I am really looking forward to our panel, and hope the audience will engage with us. And with David and Om joining me, we should definitely have some fun – albeit covering important and hopefully interesting topics.

    See you in a few days!