New Les Blogs 2.0 interviews


And yes, I am slowly getting to an end – at least for the pre conference podcast. Only 7 none more to go, and already one on the list for the post conference. ;)



4 Responses to “New Les Blogs 2.0 interviews”

  1. Just a note of thanks for all these podcasts. I’m in transit on my way to Paris and they’ve served as great in-flight entertainment. I have another 6 hours of flying and another 7 podcast to listen to. Somewhere in the middle of all that maybe i’ll get some sleep!

  2. Nicole says:

    *lol* well there are even some more, I will just update this post. ;)

  3. Nicole, just a thank you note. Great idea, great podcasts. I run into you this afternoon but did not have a chance to say hello; I will corner you tomorrow. Wonderful content. Nice to be able to hear some of the participants before the conference even started! Cheers.

  4. leila says:

    Leila thx – and please do so.