Nice SL land for sale


As I am moving to a different place, let me offer this nice little place in Antilia for you:

728 prims, 2896 sq, 1000L$ a week tier directly to protected land AND in the very nice settings of an Azure Island property meaning nice roads and trees and such as well as a nice square form.

Best of all: You don’t need to be with a premium user to have this land!

Bigger picture on flickr:

Tip: If you visit the url, right-click for about land and you will see the form of it. And building is easy as cake: The plot starts in the 0,0 corner of this sim. If you stand in front of it: Everything on the left is protected land and will never be built on. :)) This is a residential zone meaning no commercial stuff but you are able to build a house on it and rent it out or do commercial work in it.

Price: Parting with this beauty for 12K Linden Dollars or I would be willing to rent it out for 5000 a month (advance payment).
Mail me or inworld Nixande Teazle.

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2 Responses to “Nice SL land for sale”

  1. Mickey says:

    Is this land still for sale??/

    I viewed and I’m intereested!


  2. Nicole says:

    I sold it but there is a smaller plot next to it you could buy. :)