No more than 10% women on Google plus?


Women are not as competitive as men, and mostly this is considered to be a good thing. In tech and entrepreneurship though, this very often leads to women being in the “too late adopter” crowd. I am happy to encourage people, but it is like the saying: You can carry a horse to the water but it has to drink on its own. Some thoughts on this.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, known for,, has started a site name where top users on Google plus are listed.

I – and most people in the industry I know of – see such a list and add themselves right away. It is like basic promotion / marketing etc., you don’t even think about it. We don’t care about where we are on the list – we do, but only to a certain degree – and use it more for the data point. There will always be people who cry “but it is not a popularity contest” and they are right. But that is not what I am talking about.

Boris has added an interesting sidebar:


This lead me to ping my circles with a call to action “girls add yourself“. It does not surprise me that the number is that low. And I bet if I go through my list of contacts, I can tell you exactly who would register for this site and which would complain at a later time that they are not included.

The 10% are not a real number, I expect there to be roughly 30% females at least in my circles and there is an unusual amount of 2nd and 3rd wave people in my circles with the usual suspects still missing. I attribute that to Google’s current invite setup.

Nonetheless, the people I find on Boris top list are 100% the usual suspects. Currently the service tracks nearly 12K users and you can bet, that these are the usual suspects as well. And they reap the benefits of things like this (you can click through to the site to see the articles linked):


(btw: Reading the last sentence you should realize why I encourage you to click on that link instead of linking the articles right here. You should also understand why I write half of the article about that blog list below but still use Google plus in the title.)

In a totally different circumstance I came across the domain and was not surprised to find the numbers below. On a total of 3.025 blogs submitted only 2,5% can be generously considered to be tech [Games (16), Technology (33), Science (9), Internet & Computers (19)].

It is by no means a complete list and they do take a submission fee of $5 now for the work, but that is not the point. If you look at the number of women interested right now in Google plus and the list below, you do have an impression on why women always seem to be late adopter. If tech / entrepreneurship etc. would be a person, the answer would be “They are just not that into you.”

Category # blogs %
Personal (769) 769 25,4
Family & Parenting (320) 320 10,6
Arts & Entertainment (279) 279 9,2
Shopping (271) 271 9,0
Home & Garden (167) 167 5,5
Health/Fitness/Weight loss (164) 164 5,4
Society & Culture (148) 148 4,9
Food & Drink (140) 140 4,6
Philosophy & Religion (81) 81 2,7
Politics (80) 80 2,6
Sex & Sexuality (69) 69 2,3
Feminists & Feminism (66) 66 2,2
Pop Culture (64) 64 2,1
Lesbian/Bisexual/Queer (62) 62 2,0
Pets (42) 42 1,4
News & Media (32) 32 1,1
Employment/Work (28) 28 0,9
Sports (21) 21 0,7
Reference (19) 19 0,6
Travel (16) 16 0,5
Law & Legal (11) 11 0,4
Gender + GBLT (7) 7 0,2
Military (3) 3 0,1
Business (89) 89 2,9
Games (16) 16 0,5
Technology (33) 33 1,1
Science (9) 9 0,3
Internet & Computers (19) 19 0,6
Total: 3.025

Part of why there are so few women in tech is not that there are so few women in tech. There are so few women in tech visible. Because they do not participate in the the ‘dick contests’ the guys are throwing and frown on this. They don’t like to compare themselves and stay away from it.

That is absolutely fine if you are that way. But then stop complaining to others when they understand how the game is played.  If you want to be in the picture, stop being a cheerleader on the sideline and start playing in the game.

Now go over and add yourself to Boris list. :)

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6 Responses to “No more than 10% women on Google plus?”

  1. KiGaNa says:

    Yes, yes, yes … male is normal, female is the exception, being competetive is normal, women do not like that, and now they shall stop complaiiiiiiiiiiining. So? Who’s exactly complaining about what? Those women who don’t take part in ‘dick contests’? Go, tell it on the mountains. That will be fine with me because I won’t be up there and thus I won’t have to listen.

    Oh, and men know how *the* *game* is played. The game? Their game. Not mine.

  2. Nicole Simon says:

    Interesting. If you really would be that indifferent to the topic – why did you take the time to comment on how much you do not seem to care about it?

  3. KiGaNa says:

    Because this “your own fault”-attitude annoys me. This men-women-stuff is too often discussed as if everything was about “women having to learn to be like men”.

    • Nicole Simon says:

      As long as women complain about not being part of that area, yes they have to learn how to behave like the people who are successful in that area. This does not mean they have to behave like men, they can come up with something more clever than that.

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