One opinion per person should be enough, shouldn’t it?


I was still in the middle of putting together some texts from the more positive side for Leweb (especially the ones having more suggestions to improving a conference like this as it is worth noting) when i saw that Loic actually has answered some of the topics discussed over the last days.

I suggest – even if you cannot stand the topic anymore – to go through his listed links which are from both side of the spectrum. (It is also worth noting what he leaves out, but that is a different story.)

I have posted my comment over there as it belongs to that discussion (and also he seems to take comments more seriously if mailed – well then.)

Ewan has done a followup on his blog much more eloquently than I can do it and I agree on all accounts with him on this. Please read that one first too before continuing.

Shel Israel btw has found the best description about what many of us are upset about I have seen until now:

But if I went to a rock concert to discover the lead off group was a string octet playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I would be confused and disappointed. As so many of Le Web 3 attendee seem to have felt.

Which can work too – if it is done properly. Looking back on this I think most arguments have been posted and written up which is why I would like to move on.

And take the time to point to something else: Could you please be so kind and stop floating with the tide? And no, I do not mean Loic with that because *he* does not change his story just because some flack came back at him.

Could you please be so kind and stop floating with the tide?
It is not new, but it amazes me to see the amount of people being two faced.

As for example people telling you “you voiced exactly how I fell and I will never talk to him again” (being far over the top on this) and then suddenly when writing their own posts or giving comments they state that everything was great, wonderful and no problems to be seen?

If you want to behave that way fine but do you think I and others are so stupid to not notice that? If you do have an opinion, make a conscious decision about it. Stop sending mixed signals.

Btw: Having an opinion does absolutely not mean having it set in stone. It is suppose to evolve and be developed the more information you get. “At first I had a bit different opinion but now that I have more information this is what I think” is perfectly fine.

And then there are the quiet ones, which did not change their mind but stay quiet . It does not help to keep quiet because then you will never get what you want. If you do not put your money where your mouth is your silence will be taken as acknowledgement of whatever is happening.

Take a look at what you are doing at the moment: You are reading a text from a person you most likely do not know, on a computer screen. This *is* a new world, it needs new forms of communication and I seriously do believe that many voices should be heard in how to develop this.

If you keep quiet, you will not be heard. If you say something, you can voice what your impression is, what you think about and how you feel on a topic. It does not need to be a blog or a public comment. Voicing it can be done in many different ways – more silent, more loudly, short or long. But do it if you want to be taken seriously.

Yes you will be held accountable for it. You will receive “feedback” for this. No, that is not easy.

[And an information for the men: Being a woman who voices her opinion and believes does mean getting additional feedback “below the line” and with extra attacks in trying to put you as the naive, not experienced, unskilled little girl who should go out and play with her dolls.

You ask why so few women are at such events, show up and make their voice heard – this is definitely one of the reasons. You need to have double the skin thickness of a man to start with just for opening your mouth and having an opinion.

This article btw shows a different side of the same thing (and I wanted to blog this link before I forget it): “What She Wore: The Prevalence of Gender Bias in Reporting“]

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2 Responses to “One opinion per person should be enough, shouldn’t it?”

  1. alex says:

    I agree with you that having a clear opinion is important, that this is a new world and that feedback is perhaps one of the most valuable tools for bringing things to the next higher level of quality. And as a matter of fact, I think it is important to distinguish between individuals, their behaviors, theirs opinions and their actions. And if we want to have useful feedback then that feedback ought to comply with a couple of very basic rules that I outlined in a recent post (
    I wrote a post offering ideas about what to do next and there have been some pretty interesting contributions in the conmments ( that I see as valuable ideas that could help get a much better conference in Europe in the future.
    Judging from the relevance of your opinions (like your blog a lot) and your independence of opinion (both on Loic’s blog and here), I think you could actually help bring this conference to another level.
    Thanks for your posts.


  2. Tom Raftery says:

    bq.It is also worth noting what he leaves out, but that is a different story

    I’m not sure if this is what you are referring to but I noticed that despite linking to most of the posters in this debate Loic didn’t link to my posts despite the fact that they were linked widely to elsewhere (including here, thanks).

    If I were any way paranoid, I’d begin to suspect that Loic is a friend of O’Reilly!