One sentence that made me buy the tablet at *that* shop


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As people in my on- and offline surrounding probably can tell, I have been in the mood for shopping a tablet since some months. Since reboot, I just tried harder to find excuses why I need one. ;o) Of course I have given into it, and ordered it last week. You can stop making faces at me now, I will only bother you about my new toy for some more months like a new parent. ;) (interestingly, before ordering it, I only imagined myself in all those places, where I would use it – now I only imagine it to be stolen in these places …)

Already I got first suggestions on what to put on the tablet – I need that Education pack, it has one of my loved games in pen optimized *arg*. I am listening carefully to all episodes of the Tablet PC show so I can be an expert soon.

I took the chance of Tris being at Gnomedex to organize me some stickers and failed to motivate Cameron from The Podcast Network to give me one of his stickers – if you have some cool ones, mail me :))

Which one did I order? Of course the finest one available: The Lenovo x41 Tablet UP06SGE. The best one, with Bluetooth, 60 GB etc – if you buy such an expensive toy and the smallest configuration is only about 100 Euros cheaper than the best configuration, you take of course the best.

Still, it is a lot of money and for a shop a good sell. So why did I contacted and finally bought at that specific shop named Because of one single sentence. It said in Shipping:

Delivery with German Post only possible if especially expressed as wish.

Why is this a reason to order there? Because everybody else only said “delivery with UPS”.

Which, in most cases, is okay, but not for me. As I work in a big company, delivery by UPS to _me_ during the day has been proven 3 times to be impossible. They just deliver to my company, where it is checked into the internal logistic process. I once had to get my own paid Palm out of the company’s assets accounting because of that!

With Deutsche Post, it is highly likeable, that I can pick up that parcel in a station near to me without any problem. The nearest UPS center is about 50km away and in former attempts to work with them I found them highly annoying to work with – which is why I want to avoid them if possible and alternate possibilities are available.

The website in questions showed me “alternate delivery possible, if you wish.” Of course, if the call afterwards would have been a desaster, I would not have purchased. But that is not the question: the sale was initiated by this single sentence.

Btw: It will not be delivered by Deutsche Post but another delivering service they work with. We have already set up the delivery time frame which will work perfectly with me and they will call in advance so I can be there to get my new toy. And of course IBM has delayed the start about 1-2 weeks *grrrrrr*

So, what does your webpage tell me about how much you care about my needs?

One good start could be “sleeves for X41 tablets with extended 8 cell battery” or “alternate pens for X41 with eraser. ;)

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2 Responses to “One sentence that made me buy the tablet at *that* shop”

  1. Hi Nicole.

    Is the thinkpad there already. Am very curious as to what it will be like to work with.



  2. Nicole says:

    *grrr* no. But it is supposed to get here THIS WEEK! :))))