Only calling it cheap, because you have a different language background …


(I would have left a comment, but as that blogs wants registering …) In “Ten Signs of a Cheap Blog” author Nick Wilson states as number one sign

It’s one of the first things I notice with a blog, as I often look at the url to get an idea of what the blog may be about if i click through from an uninformative link, or RSS title. For me, a hypenated domain name is the very first sign of bad things to follow. Much on the rest of this list seems to proceed that first, tell-tale sign of a cheap blog.

Well, I would call it the number one sign of having a very english-centric background.

Why that? Because in English, you use spaces all the time to separate words, while for example in German, you don’t say mailing list but Mailing-Liste, or blog entry but Blog-Eintrag.

Having a hyphen is a natural way of how domain names transfer from normal writing to a domain address. It is one of the more difficult things to teach Internet starters (Internet-Einsteiger) to not use a space when writing a domain name down, but use hyphens.

It would be much more unnatural to them to *not* use hyphens but just write everything in one word. Because then it would be stupid denglish (German with a lot of English in it), like German Rail does = DeutscheBahn or others. It is not correct German at all. In Germany, you therefor of course have to register both versions (with and without dash), and the version with dash is most likely to become the official version.

Which is one of the same reasons, why you see me very often using hyphen although one would expect just a space, and why you might also find a missing ‘ in phrases like “She’s ….” – having this so called “Sächsischer Genitiv” is low standard German as well.

Being raised this way visually, I find hyphened URLs much more attractive than justsomewordstogether. Which, in most cases, get separated in the logo by color anyway …

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One Response to “Only calling it cheap, because you have a different language background …”

  1. Nick Wilson says:

    I wasn’t aware of that, even though i speak a little German, thanks.