Palo Alto? Ikea!


So what to do with some spare time in the US?

After recovering from some cold – don’t stay in the cold outside even if over the day you where too hot as the aircondition and the weather will kill you *grrrrrr* – I went to the delicious birthday bash at Yahoo. As most options travelling there where not really compelling I engaged in my first adventure of getting a rental car ever.

It wasn’t as bad as expected – after all I was a bit concerned about this automatic gear. I still prefer stick, but I can deal with the other one now.

Fox Rental around my hotel was okay but lacked customer service, which is why I took the free miles option to drive a bit around the hotel in south San Francisco – to find a Hertz Station. Which turned out to be wonderfully nice in service. If you ever need to rent there – head for the South San Fran Hertz station at south boulevard.

I still have not manage to find a normal supermarket, but had another reason to rent again today (and over the weekend): Ikea.

When passing Palo Alto on my way to Yahoo I saw familar coloring of yellow and blue. And when I asked Maryam Scoble about meeting she suggested Palo Alot (which I love). To which I added “Great! I can make a visit to Ikea first”.

And the magic words came: “I want to go too!”. Other visit wineries, I have more fun at Ikea. So Maryam and I are hooking up for a truly girly experience: Visiting Ikea with nothing special in mind to shop. :) :)


3 Responses to “Palo Alto? Ikea!”

  1. Rachel says:

    You, Maryam and Ikea! Scary. Don’t buy too much, you have to get it back ;-)

  2. Scott says:

    Ah, then you can find something for me about Ikea in the US that I’ve always wanted to know…

    Do they have hot dogs, and are they the same Danish-style hot dogs as at German Ikeas?

  3. Nicole says:

    Okay. I had a day of rest and I am still disapointed with this. Yes, they had hot dogs (more warm dogs) and mustard and ketchup. But relish in a little tube and no onions or mayo! What is that? No marabu chocolate and many other of the very famous things to shop at the IKEA.

    The selection inside was akwardly small even though the place is not.

    Rachel: I was tempted. Thankfully everything somehow with glas meaning there is no way I will get that back safely. And out of protest I did not buy anything! ;)