Paris does not like me.


In one out of three cases I actually managed to find the place in decent time … at least in the states as well as in the UK they a) speak a language I speak and b) there is milk for my coffee everywhere! :)

(It took me an hour to walk to the thing yesterday as well as a detour tomorow of at lest 10 … I need a decent gps / map system)

Leweb has started, and while it is supposed to be 1000 people it does not feel as ugly big as other conferences that size.

some short notes:
Can someone suggest some decent catering to organizers like Loic?

And are those French really just not understanding or not willing to get money from me in exchange for services?

Hans Rosling just has finished a great presentation about modernisation / globalization which needs a rerun from the podcast later but as usual this conference is about meeting new and known people to enhance the communication in Europe and beyond.

As a surprise Shimon Peres has asked to come here and speak at Leweb, we will see how that will work out tomorow.

More to come through the tags and postings, as the internet is still not running at perfect connection. :)

If someone wants to join in, I would suggest #leweb3 on freenode for the infamous backchannel – at least it seems as if this year they have learned and leave it away from the screen! :)

I think this article is just getting video taped – juhu! (Who let those video people in?)

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4 Responses to “Paris does not like me.”

  1. There’s video cameras everywhere. I’m contemplating wearing a veil tomorrow. :-)

  2. Nicole says:

    Well how are you going to see anything then? ;)

  3. alex says:

    Paris can be a pain, yet there are a few nice places if you care to go where the crowd is not.

  4. Dear Nicole : I understand what you mean. I’m french. But I had the chance to live in Germany for a while, working for a US company for even longer. We Frenchies (I mean, the rest of them ;-) are definitely not used to a) customer services, b) customer satisfaction !