Part 3: English twittering #Leweb attendees from all over the world


Want to find out who else is twittering from Leweb but in a language you can read? Here is your solution for people coming to Leweb and twittering predominently in English.

This is part three of stuff for Leweb 2010. You can also have a look at “Part 1 is about preparing your Presdo Match profile for #Leweb” or “Part 2: which information to prepare going to Paris“.

I went through the list of participants for Leweb 2010 as available by the 3rd of December and sifted through them to find all the twitter accounts, which are nearly completly in English. Accounts with no tweets or protected accounts are not listed in here. For practical reasons I went for the categories of Europe, North America and Rest of the world.

In total I found 456 entries for  this list, 291 from Europe and 165 from the rest of the world. The english speaking countries of course have a huge chunk of this, but that is why I did it by country. ;) No, it is not perfect but a good start for your getting in touch with Europe. See at the bottom for information about adding / removing people.

And thanks to  Meral Akin-Hecke you can now quickly browse through the list on twitter! Just follow the link to and see which Tweeps you are not yet following!


Austria (4)

Belgium (10)

Switzerland (18)

Czechoslovakia (1)

Czech Republic (6)

Germany (26)

Denmark (6)

Spain (5)

Finland (8)

France (55)

Greece (4)

Ireland (17)

Israel (4)

Italy (5)

Netherlands (8)

Norway (6)

Poland (2)

Romania (3)

Russian Federation (1)

Sweden (10)

Slovenia (3)

Slovakia (1)

  • Szabolcs Gáborjáni-Szabó – @szgaborjani – Slovak Telekom

United Kingdom (88)

North America

Canada (14)

United States (139)

Rest of the World

Australia (2)

Brazil (1)

China P.Rep. (2)

Jordan (2)

Japan (1)

Fr. Polynesia (1)

Singapore (3)

If I missed somebody who is also attending Leweb 2010, please add yourself to the comments but note that you should only add yourself if you do tweet nearly completly in English. Also the other way around – if somebody is in here who does not belong, please note as well, so I can take them out. Please note that while in Paris I will not be able to edit this list.

6 Responses to “Part 3: English twittering #Leweb attendees from all over the world”

  1. Great work Nicole, thx
    Wanna add @luefkens (Matthias Luefkens) and @nuji (startup from london) they are both tweeting in english.
    I made the twitter list for you
    See you @leweb

  2. Great work Nicole but forgot me as official blogger at the conf.:

    From Canada – Claude Malaison, @Emergent007, EmergenceWeb

    Also forgot from Canada – Michelle Blanc, @MichelleBlanc, Analyweb

    Also from Canada – Bruno Guglielminetti, @Guglielminetti, National

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  4. Ramon Suarez says:

    You forgot me! @ramonsuarez, living in Belgium but blogging for a Spanish publication ( :)

  5. Azeem says:


    We’ve put together a twitter list of the top 200 LeWeb attendees by PeerIndex – you can find it here:

  6. PC software says:

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