Peter Drucker and the idea of a “plant community”


When I scanned the new headlines recently, the death of Peter Drucker catched my eye. I have never really read anything from him, but as being interested in ‘business’ like stuff since childhood, I of course had heard of him. I was rather surprise to see his age at 95.

Checking on his wikipedia article, I stumble over this sentence:

The need for community. Early in his career, Drucker predicted the “end of economic man” and advocated the creation of a “plant community” where individuals’ social needs could be met. He later admitted that the plant community never materialized, and by the 1980s, suggested that volunteering in the non-profit sector might be the key to community.

I am curious, if it was just not the right time for the ‘plant community’ to happen? Anyone knows why he thought it did not happen?


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