Podcast Hotel (San Fran, April 20-21)


Although I am coming over to the west coast for the Web2open, I had a warm feeling for the fact that there was also a nice podcasting event during the time I was there, Podcast Hotel.

Of course it is great, but it was really more a ‘oh how nice’ feeling. I was talking to organizer Alex Williams on how I would like to contribute about international audience and now that I am preparing last steps before boarding – actually I should really pack as I have to leave for the train in 2,5 hours … – I got a mail back from him which reminded me to look at the schedule.

But now I have to say I am THRILLED and I look so much forward to next weekend, even just looking at the speakers!

First of all, what is Podcast Hotel? The website says

Podcast Hotel 3 San Francisco will celebrate indie culture, podcasting, digital music and the arts. The event will feature discussions, live music, shows and a studio space for workshops, demonstrations and creative productions.

The usual blabla ;) And the web site is awful to navigate but well we cant have it all. ;)

Take a look at the schedule and at the price (which is very affordable) and if you are in any way into podcasting and around that area, this is a must come to.

I see a lot of familar names on the list and some I have not seen in person before, and I will be especially interested in how Podcasting and the usual Silicon Valley attitude will come together and what will come out of it.

I am not so sure I really need to see justin.tv, but that is just me. ;)

[upcoming.org link]

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