Podcast with Neville Hobson


Let’s kick off the the Podcastcon UK pre-conference podcast! :) [Subscribe to the feed]

Who would like to be next? The wiki lists a lot of interesting people!:) Mail me via the contact form or use neezee on gmail.com. I would love to shortly interview participants, but also receive audio comments!

Todays show is with speaker Neville Hobson (visit his blog or his For Immediate Release). Neville does not want to present about how to podcast, but who is podcasting and how this fits into the overall communication strategy. Some of the topics we talk about are

  • are companies open for this new thing?
  • how does blogging compare to podcasting?
  • is podcasting easier understood than blogging?
  • the upcoming X-Mas business will be interesting
  • differences in radio (listener) landscape US / Europe
  • chances for companies
  • and Neville wants to deliver a pragmatic session at the conference

Download podcast (16 MB / 27:25 min)

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