Podcasts from two recent conferences


Thanks to Odeo’s featured channel I discovered the podcasts of Web Essentials 05 in Sydney from last week. See the programm for some of the slides links.

Wonderful website, great presentation of the results. It is fun to look around and to discover. I am just listening to Jeffrey Veen and am sad, that it is incomplete.

Compare that to the frustrating experience of the videos from the Duke University Symposium on Podcasting. Ugly Webcast – but if you like to go for it, pick your wished session from the program.

Anyone knowing how to download webcast streams? I am waiting for the podcasts

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One Response to “Podcasts from two recent conferences”

  1. Robert Banghart says:

    Hi Nicole:

    I have also been looking for a way to download webcast streams. A recent post from Kevin Kelley (http://kevinkelley.org/Blog/PermaLink,guid,95b92b36-7c6a-49bd-a0de-7a093a7f3322.aspx) recommends Net Transport (http://www.xi-soft.com/default.htm). It looks like you get a version with basic functionality for free and one with “advanced functionality” for $25.00

    I got as far as flagging the post for follow-up but haven’t downloaded or tried Net Transport. If you do, it would be great if you could post about your experience.

    Disclaimer: I only recently started reading Kevin’s blog and I have no relationship with Net Transport.