Portuguese flickr-like foto sharing site goes online


My favorite portuguese guys both work at sapo and after over two months of hard work they just launched foto.sapo.pt. Pedro has some screenshots and a post about how they managed to do this in 65 days, Andé also has some notes on the process of that project.

There are two things to be learnt from this new application: First, language is an issue. Even though many people do speak English, they like so much more speaking in their native language. (The only reason I am blogging this in English and not in German is because I would like to reach a different readership with ctbk than it would be possible in German. )

Second, while this does seem like just another foto site, it is not. It is the flickr like site for Sapo – and they do have attached a community and more. Success for this plattform it not coming from attracting new customers, but offering special offers to existing customers in your own language and make them happy – and stay longer and spend more.

If you are a Sapo customer at the moment, you are much more likely to spend money on the Sapo foto site than to go over to flickr.

So if you offer web services, you should think about letting others adapt your solution under their brand and pay you for the usage – kind of what Sixapart is doing with their blogsystem.

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One Response to “Portuguese flickr-like foto sharing site goes online”

  1. Thank you Nicole for this comment on our work!

    One of the great ideas behind this service is as you put it to add more value to our existing customer, is means SAPO is trying hard to give as much value as possible to our existing customers, of course that if in the process we get more new users, better, but that’s not the main goal here.

    About the language issue, Portugal is in fact a small market when compared to greater european markets/countries, and adding to that you have the literay issue, which might not be the main reason, but sure is a key factor to make people prefer SAPO offering (portuguese) rather than other foreign options, it has had some sucess in the past on other services, I only hope people we’ll adhere to it.

    Fingers crossed.