Pre-conference podcasting / location is set


Okay, who is attending? :) As my new “hobby” is pre conference podcasting, I will podcast the speakers and intend to get some comments or hints from you.

So if you are going to Lesblogs, contact me, I would like to get some quotes from you why you are going and what to expect. And if you make clever pitches, I would like to play them too.

On a second note: The location has been set which will help figuring out the travel plans – in case one knows anything about Paris. Thanks for giving the hints about the Metro station and buslines – but I am a tourist to Paris. How am I supposed to find anything, when they don’t even have a google map of Paris?! Any hints on how the metro works and hotel tips are appreciated. :)

[When something is not working, you need to change it: I know you will kill me for this, but I am consolidating blogs and I will put the conference podcast on a new domain which will consist of my work around personal publishing services / information for new media. I know, that sounds very lame, but I am working on it. *sigh* this is harder for you than for me! :)]

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4 Responses to “Pre-conference podcasting / location is set”

  1. Mickael UNG says:

    If you use the “métro”, stop at “Porte de Champeret” (station) on line 03 (brown) located in northern west of the subway MAP(
    Once you’r out you’ll see a building with the logotype “NEGOCIA”. NEGOCIA is a school as well so you can also ask where is the NEGOCIA SCHOOL? > translation = “Où est l’école NEGOCIA” =)) If u need more informations … And yes i’ll be there too …(-_-)

  2. Nicole says:

    Your accents are killing my mailto script ;))
    But thanks and I am sure to come back to you. ;)

  3. Mickael UNG says:

    Sorry Nicole.
    If you want it without accent let me know … =))

  4. Nicole says:

    *lol* no, it is just my job to fix things. ;)