Pro IP, what a stupid idea


Jeremy Toeman in A note to Nancy Pelosi regarding the PRO IP act

Historically, Congress never used to side with major media companies. Throughout the 20th century, our leaders addressed new issues based on the wants and needs of the American people.

Lawsuits have emerged over virtually every technology innovation as it pertained to media and content, from vinyl through compact disk. In virtually every case, Congress always put the pressure on the traditional companies to learn how to grow and change based on new technologies. That is, however, until the emergence of the broadband Internet and the MP3 music compression format.

The train industry might not be doing as fine since the car arrived, but I think the car industry is doing pretty well. As does the CD / DVD industry compared to the LP / VHS industry.

While it would not make much sense to write my congressperson – I do not have one as I am from Germany :) – I of course am concerned with this as well.

Because whatever idea brews up over in America, lands on my doorstep one way or another in the future. I would not call it “force the companies” to get on board with technical development but “not protecting them from life to happen”.

Basically as Jeremy said, congress should not shelter companies against the market but say “tough luck, deal with it” if they come complaining. Copyright is intended to be a negotiation ground for both sides, not for one side to milk the cow until it is dead.

And just to add that: I would love to spend money even with the old ways of DVD and alike. If they just would let me. But no, region codes and alike hinder me from doing so.

I would love to make use of the offerings of watching TV shows on the net, blog about it, increase their reach – but get “sorry, you are not allowed to watch this as you are not from a country we like you to be”.

Why, because I am an unlikely customer? Amazon does sell to Europe, ya know.

And just to prove that: am I the only one thinking of Josh or Toby running around and shouting at other people about what a stupid name this is also, to imply that Pro means something positive? The only reason I can make this comparison is because Amazon UK ships those DVDs with a regional code 2. And West Wing is something which will NEVER make it to the German market as a TV Show or a translation.

Btw in case you did not know this: one can watch the free offerings on itunes if you have a US account. This you do get with original US vouchers.

And while I have not use a proxy setting in years, I would be interested in testing out a proxy from US ground, as it should provide me with access to the shows online when my browser comes from a local address. (Anyone have one for me to test out?)

I am like most customers, screaming at the top of our lungs. We are here, we are willing to pay attention, to spend money. We are just not willing to be milked like stupid cows. Tough luck, deal with it.


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  1. Thanks for your support on this Nicole!

  2. A.T. says:

    AFAIK, current access control systems does NOT rely on geo-IP binding, tho they do rely on “US billing address in credit card” – e.g. Amazon MP3 demands that (and no test for iTunes, I’m too cruel for Apple/iTunes and other beauty-moronity contest)

  3. extreme copyright laws are reaching a crisis point here in the US. congressman (e.g. Adam Schiff) are bought out by the legal and copyright monopoly industries. the result is laws that are a dramatic departure from what is good for the people and what our founding fathers envisioned. here is an article that i recently published that follows the money trail on this legislation:

    here is another one that i published that is more forward looking on the future of the music biz: