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Jeremy is going to try Gmail and the new Yahoo for the next day due to a ‘cleansing’ laptop death. On which I commented:

There have been Webclients ever since, but none of them really got me into it because they where lame – and shortcuts did not work.

I have been using Gmail nearly since the beginning because I had to access my mails from two places and even more so for the last weeks since I have my tablet – because I have now three computers plus the occasional visits to other peoples houses.

There is no way I can have my local client and stay connected.

Special ensitive information still goes to my usual email address and not onto those US servers, but in general, I use Gmail as my main mail server. I was recently finally able to download my mails with pop from Gmail and was quite astonished about the shere amount of messages since early 2004 – I am hitting 20 000.

[Which also brought to my attention, that there is a bug in Gmail’s pop download because all my sent email has the date of today? :(]

But back to the topic: Having the mails on the net and let them be accessible is the new way of stay connected. Email, Feedreader, IM and more are ways to stay connected with your surrounding, your social world.

It occurred to me in the last months, how much ‘borgish’ we have become in this. Unhappy if not connected to the web and trying to assimilate everybody around us, so we can stay more easily in contact. Recently I had it with a long not heard of friend – we had so much catching up to do and at one point I really thought “how much easier would it be if she was blogging or even read my blog??”.

We do use them all the time, well, many people do. So a cutie like this one “WiFi plastic bunny waggles ears when you get mail” would not really help. Because what do you do, when you have your computer off in this case? You turn it on. :) But it is still cute.

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