Reasons to work at home.


  • you will not leave the country without any money at all like I did for London
  • you will not forget your power adaptor in the room because you left it to somebody else
  • you will not be stressed about sudden power shortage as you only notice the missing cable when back at 10% energy and still have to check something online for the next morning trip
  • you will not have problems arguing about your credit card and why it cannot be read
  • you will not need to find somebody able selling you a metro ticket to get into Gare du Nord for travelling by train to CDG
  • you will not miss your flight
  • you will not have to spend nearly 12 hours on fully booked trains

*sigh*. As it seems, I was not born to travel. Did I mention, that I am going to London this weekend? Let’s hope, there is not another catastrophe …

Now I ‘only’ need to find a way to have a replacement for my power adaptor until I get mine back from Paris.

More reports about the conference, people and the content which is floating around in the blogosphere.


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