Reboot 9: Ben Blench


Ben Blench is an english man in Amsterdam, a linguist by trade but now a copywriter working at Media Catalyst.

His talk is “Newspeak – New technologies, new languages” and a grand unified theory of everything – or what do George Orwell, the Bible, Kraftwerk and ROFLCOPTERS have in common?

Ben and I talk about:

  • language is the distinguishing factor that makes us unique as a species on planet earth
  • what makes human language different from animal communication or what is the step above
  • do programming languages count as languages?
  • why there is a different me when he speaks another language
  • why computers fail – they are not just words
  • Scotty, “hello computer” and going to Star Trek Conventions
  • why telepathy would work so much better than words
  • pidgin english, international english and proper english or are there just “englishes”?
  • when you learn a language, do you learn the culture too?
  • his interest in other areas to connect and exchange ideas
  • Book suggestion: Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct

Download MP3 (32 min, 18,8 MB)

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

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