Reboot 9: Chris Locke


We could be heroes. Or profoundly bored. Everybody smokes pot now but still there is no world peace. Only one thing is certain: birth and death. Bummer.

Chris Locke and I talk about various aspects:

  • of course Cluetrain and his presentation “mortality & sense of humor
  • why he is bored with conferences but not with reboot
  • experiences with trips to Europe and Tokyo
  • how artificial intelligence was the darling of the 80s
  • and the internet was also coming out of the military academic industrial complex but virtual worlds seem to originate not from there
  • the famous Deep-fried Mars Bar
  • we may not be as free thinking as we though; the inheriting of mindsets which are not as squeaky clean as some would like to be
  • his dismay about people blogging about blogging
  • why he wanted commerce involved in the net so they would sign up everybody to be on the net
  • now they are voluntary slaves – do we really ask at the end of our life if we have been a good consumer?
  • follow paths others have not been at
  • and how all of this hopefully will lead up to a book some day: Mystic Bourgeoisie.

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Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

I am now going to listen to Bowie again. ;)

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2 Responses to “Reboot 9: Chris Locke”

  1. JargonTalk says:

    Thank you, Nicole.

    Have been a fan of “Rageboy” Chris Locke ever since he and Eric Norlin brought up a site called Titanic Deck Chair Rearrangement Corporation (TDCRC). For those who don’t know him, look for his books: The Cluetrain Manifesto, Gonzo Marketing, The Bombast Transcripts, all of which are worthy reads.

    He’s been an amazing visionary… among other things.