Reboot 9: Dannie Jost


Dannie Jost, writer, philosopher and part time poet, is going to present a talk on “Theoretical Man – being human right there with public man

Dannie and I talk about:

  • why “human?” is one of the most fascinating questions
  • “theoretical man” was born at lift, but already had a bit of a history
  • “the I and the We” – balancing of a certain paradox
  • as human we are genderless
  • how we use language to communicate the levels of abstraction
  • theory is not about truth, it is about being a model
  • why the romans already knew a lot about management
  • human behaviour in a quantum mechanic way
  • the interplay of emotion and intellect

Download MP3 (31 min, 18,2 MB)
Sadly there is a interference during the recording when speaking – thankfully it is on my side, not when the important person speaks, aka Dannie!

Visit her profile on the reboot page or visit her blog.

[Link for the podcast feed – if you subscribe in itunes, be careful to adapt the settings or you only will get one episode per day!]

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