Reboot 9: Kars Alfrink


Kars Alfrink is a Dutch interaction designer as well as a teacher for game designers; he is going to present on “Mobile Social Play“.

He and I talk about:

  • he is available from July on for freelancing. ;)
  • how his students go from being annoyed to be intrigued
  • new directions for mobile possibilities
  • mobile space and every day reality
  • how ilovebees got into a presidential campaign
  • what is game? what is play?
  • misunderstood layers: a set of rules to define the game / a visual layer / social context
  • how the gaming industry could push innovation and how he would like to bridge those worlds
  • serious games and why they focus on the wrong layer
  • accept your playful self!

Download MP3 (32 min, 18,7 MB)

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

[Link for the podcast feed – if you subscribe in itunes, be careful to adapt the settings or you only will get one episode per day!]

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4 Responses to “Reboot 9: Kars Alfrink”

  1. Kars says:

    Thanks for the interview Nicole. I appreciate the work you put into these things ‘just’ for the enjoyment of fellow conference goers!

  2. Nicole says:

    thx :) You know that it is not just for your enjoyment – I enjoy them as well. :)

  3. Nicole says:

    I forgot to include the links you sent me – I put them in the comment so the entry will not again show up in the feed:

    Matt Jones on play:

    Interview with Will Wright:

    Interview with Elan Lee on alternate reality games such as ilovebees

    Interview with Frank Lantz on big games:



  4. Jay de Groot says:

    As one the great bunch of people who are not going to Reboot 09 of INFO.NL.. it is good to hear from Kars where his presentation is going to be about.

    A pitty we lose him for a while… ;-)

    And Nicole. Great website.