Reboot 9: Lilia Efimova


I am starting off the preconf podcasts with an interview with Lilia Efimova. Her talk at reboot is going to be “Work, us and our kids“.

  • she is a researcher, born russian and now living in the netherlands.
  • she explains why she got the “international virus” and moved into research.
  • We have a talk about her growing up as a russian and funny misconception about russia,
  • why she travels to reboot with the whole family and why she as mother of a 4 months old would like to host the conversatoin “Work, us and our kids

We don’t have a work-life balance anymore. We work from home (ever heard those little voices on the background during a phone conference?); our partners become our colleagues; we bring family to conferences…

  • Do you mix kids and work or do you keep those two worlds apart?
  • If you do, then what and how? Does it work?
  • What does it change? For you? For your work? For your kids?
  • Is it good or bad?
  • What do we need to have a healthy work-kids balance? What kinds of employers? Partners? Kids? Working conditions? Homes? Technology? Mindset?

During Reboot she especially would like to invite all parents to come to the conversation! :)

Download MP3 (17 min, 10 MB)

She blogs under Mathemagenic and you find her profile page on reboot.

(I am very sorry I managed to not shut off my microphone while taking notes!)

[Link for the podcast feed – if you subscribe in itunes, be careful to adapt the settings or you only will get one episode per day!]

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