Reboot 9: Matthias Müller-Prove


Matthias Müller-Prove is a computer scientist, and working as a User Experience Engineer & Interaction Designer for StarOffice and He is giving a talk about “A Duel between Desktop and Web“.

He and I talk about:

  • his interest in the history human computer interaction
  • the short summary of his thesis
  • books from the cellar
  • Douglas Engelbert’s demo
  • we do not reinvent – earlier interaction designers had it easier because there was no need for backward compatibility
  • general environment of web application is not seen in a holistic way
  • computer system should empower the user!
  • desktop environment is not improved anymore, web people do not have the big vision and do not get out of the boundaries of the browser – both are crippled
  • the problem of different OS and the different ways to work with them
  • there is no consistent global guideline for all kind of devices – www to mobile to consoles
  • stay in first life and empower it!

Download MP3 (34:18 min, 20,1 MB)

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

Some notes from him:

My claim
Still looking for a personal dynamic medium for creative thought…

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