Reboot 9: Oleg Koefoed


Oleg Koefoed is a ‘paid’ philospoher and is going to present “Intuition? new forms, old forces, and their implications“.

He and I go philosophical on different topics:

  • philosophy as an addiction and his definition on p.
  • his choice of not being entirely into the academic circles who try to make p. science.
  • about his research in events
  • his work on the concept of intuition
  • p. as a science and the limits of that
  • social science – test your concepts but also try to understand the world
  • an event should be a dialogical event not just monologues
  • reboot: bad when it starts to be too much of an avantgarde
  • about the “in your face” aspect
  • it is not just about being on the edge of something, but about being on the edge of yourself
  • you can come if you come from a corporate environment – but you better be open to change your believe
  • is there an inner circle?
  • how family trumps everything

Download MP3 (43:54 min, MB)

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

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