Reboot 9: Robert Slagter


Robert Slagter is a researcher at the Telematica Instituut in the Netherlands and is going to present “your ideal Working environment – what does it take to create an environment that stimulates productivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing?

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He and I talk about:

  • his interest in collaboration and sharing
  • how do people actually work and how to make something that fits
  • what are free thinkers and why it is crucial to keep them happy
  • some learnings companies make at the moment
  • his ventures in Second Life and which roles virtual worlds can play, including some limitations
  • you don’t need every function / opportunity which is available

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

[Link for the podcast feed – if you subscribe in itunes, be careful to adapt the settings or you only will get one episode per day!]

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