Reboot 9: Stephanie Booth


Stephanie Booth went from being teacher to a full time web consultant – “the exciting stuff that people are doing online” and will present at reboot a topic dear to my heart: being multilingual in an english oriented webworld.

Her talk is going to be: “While We Wait For The Babel Fish

Which is probably why this one is *cough* over 50 minutes. ;)

Download MP3 (51:30 min, 12,9 MB)


  • there is no such things as an exact translation
  • why she is trying to bridge the language divide
  • internet gets rid of space but you stay sutck in your linguistic group, the example of “backwards” french sites because of not having the same kind of access
  • her translation site
  • her ongoing interest about what happens around this area
  • relationship human beings have to their langauge(s) is different how the internet deals with languages
  • it is only a small amount of people which is comfortable with using more than one language but many people are able to understand a little bit
  • people do not relate to languages in stating yes or no in little boxes
  • the differences even inside one language, for example french-french, swiss.french and canadian-french
  • why she speaks english to other swiss and some “funny words” in french
  • the big question: how can me make it easier for those tools? what can we do to help this?
  • about blogging in more than one language and why she uses summaries
  • why it is bad that tools do not understand that there might be more than one language on a page
  • automatic translation and dictation tools – they are laughable now, but they are a step in the right direction and sometimes they do help already
  • the favorite topic about why you have to thinking early in the specs about localisation
  • conclusion: first we have to take on the language problems, and then we can gap cultural differences
  • and some geeking out about tools ;)

Some additional links from Stephanie:

In particular, you might want to have a look at:

Visit her profile on the reboot page or visit her blog.

(I am very sorry I managed to not shut off my microphone while taking notes!)

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