Reboot 9: Stowe Boyd


Stowe Boyd calls himself a cross between a researcher and an impresario with a focus on social tools. His talk is going to be “Flow: A New Consciousness For A Web Of Traffic

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He and I talk about:

  • the agenda is changing – they allow us now to do different things
  • how he is the oldest teenager in the world
  • how the desire to work more in Europe succeeded – but differently than planned
  • his work with the open university project
  • how twitter and a cocktail party are superior to social network app – and I forgot to add he is looking for designers! :)
  • different speed of different social apps to get into the enterprise
  • how many people can you really stay connected with – it might be more than just 150
  • how tools like dopplr short circuit processes
  • the mentioned talk with Thomas Madsen-Mygdal on Blogtalkradio

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

His description about reboot is definitely one of my favorites:

everyone is very open, a great mix of having fun and being very very serious
this very playful, but on the other hand people really trying to dig into things
very practical but at the same time it got strong theoretical leanings
it’s very aspirational while at the same time it’s pragmatic and
trying to help people trying to do things which are very nuts and bolds
[..] it is kind of amazing that it can spread so far and do so much

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  1. ina says:

    Great interview Nicole.