Reboot 9: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal


A conversational talk with Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, facilitator of reboot.

  • the referenced talk with Stowe Boyd
  • why human this year – to make again a central theme
  • insight was: all what is happening currently is a massive shift from machine / industrial perception to a more social, playful, finding yourself way – the desire to make sense
  • more self-organizing, more conversation, no Q&A!
  • how the program was / is organized – the wow factor
  • more rooms this year and an official babysitter!
  • present among your peers and not sucking up to the participants
  • about birth, kids and death
  • companies can die, too.
  • you do not raise people
  • what would have happened if we would have had access when we were younger
  • how children start translating japanese comics
  • people coming from 23 countries
  • why it is great that there is another conference with fancy names
  • it is just for 500 people – well, go make your own version of reboot!

Download MP3 (42:43 min, 25 MB)

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog.

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