reboot podcast #07 РMartin R̦ll


Todays guest is Martin Röll (reboot profile) and his talk will be about “How will we
work in the future: From Distributed KM to the Future of Knowledge Work

While this sounds very dry in theory, the question “how will we work in the future” has great impacts on how connecting / sharing will develop.

Get an impression from Martin and why you should attend his talk and not the other one ;o):

Download podcast (17 MB / 29 min)


2 Responses to “reboot podcast #07 – Martin Röll”

  1. jim wilde says:


    Thank you for sharing your wonderful interview. I am in the US and a deveveloper of socail software.

  2. Lloyd Davis says:

    Yay, my two favourite German-speaking bloggers in one podcast! Great stuff. Thank you