reboot podcast #09: Max Niederhofer and the European Internet Project


So yes, it has been a long time, but I hope to make up for it. ;)

Good news for today:

  • The second load of the reboot session recordings are finally available!

    The following recordings are:
    Anders Bertram Eibye, Ben Cerveny, Dina Mehta, Doc Searls, Dragos Novac INCOMPLETE, Felix Petersen and Stefan Kellner INCOMPLETE, Harald Welte, Jason Fried, Jimbo Wales, Jyri Engstrom, Lee Bryant, Matthias MullerProve, Michael Heilemann, Paula Le Dieu, QA with Doc Searls and Robert Scoble, Thomas Harttung, UllaMaaria Mutanen.

    If you experience problems with the downloads, you can try the mirror on my server (which are only the 128 Kbps mp3).

  • Today’s guest is Max Niederhofer from 20six for the

Enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to sign up for the eip ;)

Download podcast ( MB / 19:28 min)

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