reboot podcast #1


The first, inofficial, pre-conference podcast for reboot 7.0 in June in Copenhagen! :)

Hear me and Thomas talk about what is reboot, size of the venue + programm, possible recordings in video and audio, what you should bring to reboot and more stuff!

While I am of course interested in what the speakers could do in front, I am also interested in other participants and their thoughts about the upcoming weekend. Or perhaps just questions you want to get out into the community. Please send your feedback to: usefulsounds at or skype with me under nicole.simon.

Download file (38 min, 22 MB)

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2 Responses to “reboot podcast #1”

  1. These podcasts are great! Good to get the discussion going before the reboot. In fact I am slightly disappointed with the lack of information at the site. Like, I wanted earlier today to get some more information about Thomas and the others running it – but no info to be found. Is this some sort of buddhist sect that wants to reboot us all?

    Raymond – first timer for a reboot

  2. Nicole says:

    I think it is the first time it is this big and they probably experience some difficulties on the way. ;(