reboot podcast #2: Ben Hammersley


In this podcast, I had the pleasure of talking to Ben Hammersley Ben is one of the speakers and while at first the topic seemed ‘okay’, I am now very interested in his presentation on why blogging is more than 300 years old. :o)

Download the podcast with Ben (28 MB / 48:17 min)


  • What should you know about Ben if you don’t know him till now: the professional, excentric british guy, who likes beer
  • Ben knows how the weather will be be and he can tell me (as reboot newbie), what it will about.
  • Why it is unusual to have such a conferences in Europe and how we get the chance to meet all the cool people
  • The restriction of not blogging in your native language
  • Ben’s experiences from his last presentation “The Semantic Web” at reboot and his new topic”
  • Why I think audio recording will be crucial and Ben’s looking for the the conversations in between
  • Short introduction to his topic “300 year history of weblogs”, the history of delicious and technorati, netiquette was invented back then also
  • Ben’s (cynical as he says) thoughts on the motto “a new way”
  • Ben takes ’round the corner to seriously’
  • More conversations like on reboot will help not to be so drawn to just American blogs
  • I want to meet people, Ben just wants beer
  • Ben’s story about ‘teddy bear’ Doc Searls stealing his wifi and does Scoble drink beer?
  • The beauty of getting to know people through their blogs, why they can be closer even if you never met
  • Real social networks can be stronger than some real life friendships, and we care about one another
  • With the count on how many people are coming, Ben fears there will be actually people listening to him
  • When at reboot, make an effort to connect with the people from a country near to you, we don’t need just to look at the U.S.
  • He wants us to tease Robert and ask him, why he works for the marketing department of Microsoft. And if he can fight – Ben wants people to wear swords like Hugh does! (If you come to Europe, do as the crazy british suggests.) ;)

Attending reboot too? Send me a short audio snippet to usefulsounds at or skype me: nicole.simon and talk to people before the conference starts! :).

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