reboot podcast #3: Robert Scoble


Welcome to No. 3 of the pre-conference podcast named preboot. :)

Download the podcast with Robert (37 MB / 39:42 min)


Ben forgot to tell us that a video from his last reboot presentation is available! (thanks to Mark Wubben for the link).

Thursday meetup will be at Martin von Haller Groenbaek’s Digterkroen (poet’s bar).

The big question: Why should I go attend Robert Scoble’s keynote?

  • Who is Robert Scoble?
  • MS is going the “RSS way”, it will be integrated in a lot more products over the next 6-12 months
  • Family will be the next natural target group RSS / Blogs / videoblogs
  • How blogging affected Microsoft and how internal teams benefit from direct contact with customers
  • “blog advertisement”: snowball effect without the traditional costs
  • His thoughts on Europe / the geek dinner
  • Things we would like to see in an RSS aggregator
  • Robert sees a big trend in mapping and services around it

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