San Francisco, April 16th til 22nd + request for comments.


The short version of this post: This is a question for those living in Europe (bottom) and a ping for those in the valley. I am in town from Sunday night till the week after. Anybody coming the the Expo / Podcast Hotel and wanna hook up? This is the time to do is. ;)

For the people in the valley at that time
While I am busy preparing the interviews for the big German blog / cultural / something conference in Berlin next week (imagine something a bit like Reboot, but German only) I also have to start preparing for my trip to San Francisco which starts directly after republica.

[That is going to be fun – out for eastern, heading to Berlin, heading back and next very early morning to SFO – next time plan better, stupid!]

After having a very disappointing Etech last year I decided not to go this year and had to retract from going to SXSW/Blogher Biz (which I really wanted!), but looking on my calendar missed seeing a lot of people. When the Web 2.0 Expo popped on my radar I thought “great! jump over for that, meet a lot of people in the hall and have some nice time in SFO”.

I was still a bit undecided but when Tara asked me if I would like to present my european view on Web 2.0 at the free Web2open, I was sold on the trip. Well, I would have been just with the Web2open, but this is going to be even more fun. ;)

I am planning to attend the Web Monday event and perhaps hop over afterwards to the Web 2.0 Expo Meetup and Drinkup on Monday. I am leaning towards going to “Community Roundtable” but I have to see some people first.

Then of course Web2open (day 1) and (day 2), which already has a interesting schedule. And of course running around the Expo to see people.

The weekend after that is also “Podcast Hotel” which I am looking forward to as well.

Easiest should probably be to mail (neezee on or text me under +49 179 499 7076. I am looking into getting the american number reactivated (don’t ask) but would write the number down here as well. If you are in my Xing-Contacts, you do have this contact infos anyhow. ;)

What is your (european) view on Web 2.0
I will have 30 minutes time to interest the people in my view on Web 2.0 from a European perspective – something I have been done in the past very often, but more specifically targeted towards the visitors of this Web Expo. I have written about this in the past and have of course my own ideas but would be interested in some hints from my european readers.

Perhaps you have written about this as well, ping me with your link.

Where am I heading at the moment?
The usual “we do have money too, but you ignore us”, but also the deeper lying problem of cultural specialities and habbits. For example: German buyers like to pay per “Lastschrift” a concept not existing in the US – whereas most Germans do not have a credit card. The usual way of how dates / times are presented in apps and why this is so annoying for people like myself.

I am especially interested in some tips which are outside of my usual German view. ;)


3 Responses to “San Francisco, April 16th til 22nd + request for comments.”

  1. Well, in general I think web2.0 solutions could think of the international market a bit more (and also stuff like Second Life, I am not even able to use umlauts in scripts to return proper messages). And if you e.g. look at Jott, then there is no way to use it in Germany right now (except with quite some costs). This is of course partly a ressource limitation (esp. at the beginning) but in general everybody should maybe think a bit more internationally as there’s probably still some market to address.

    Language versions also come to mind (not such a problem of mine but of others). It’s usually not too hard to translate applications, nevertheless it’s not that often done from the beginning on. And esp. in Europe there is of course quite a mix of languages.

  2. Jacob Share says:

    Localization is still a problem but not as much a hurdle as it used to be, IMHO. In the US, users are sharing content and creating widgets. In Europe, they’re often using US sites to share localized content and localized widgets. I also think European Web2.0 is about the old bureaucratic barriers coming down but above all, the rise of open-source empowerment.

    More here:

    Have a great conference, Nicole!

  3. Nicole says:

    Thinking about something is not doing it … thanks for the feedback. ;)