Say no to Apple (or: Talk to Apple in the only language they understand: Money and bad press)


Coming to think about it, why was I not outraged when they got to the podcatching software and after the *pod* part? Maybe it was a good test for them to see if or if not there would be an outcry. But now Apple is starting to go for the pod-related websites for “infringing the trademark ipod”. What trademarks are you talking about? Apple does not have a trademark on podcasting and it would be interesting to see what the current ones really consists of.

Robert’s question “Will podtech be next?” can be answered by “no” so far. Not the big ones of course, because they have the money to defend themselves and the clout to do PR.

In a former entry called “Stolpersteine: How we remember through discovering” I gave a hint to one of my favorite quotes “First they came” and why it is important to remember history and learn from it.

In adaption we can say “first they came for the *podder software and I did not speak up because I do not program a podcatcher. Then they came for the *pod* websites and I did not care because I don’t run a website. When they came for me, nobody was left to speak up for me.”

So far, I am not ‘directly’ involved, but I do absolutly not like where this is going and I think it is time again to show a company that the net is nothing to mess with – even if you think you only have customers out there who will forgive you everything and still buy your stuff.

So how can we speak up? I have no idea how to go against Apple’s trys specifically regarding the U.S. trademark, but I know we have to react and show Apple that they are a company producing hardware and not gods. As we know, a company like Apple only listens to one single thing: Money and bad PR.

Wired says

Coincidentally, Apple’s letter arrived the day before Podcast Ready unveiled a new version of its software — one that works with the iPod.

That may be true but it is quite stupid to start these kinds of letters just one week before America’s biggest event in Podcasting ever with over 3000 attendees: The Portable Media Expo in Ontario, CA.

Todd Cochrane suggested “It makes me so mad that I might have to demonstrate my displeasure with Apple at Podcast Expo by smashing my iPod. ” This will not really hurt Apple, but may be good for a media stunt.

Christmas is coming and it is supposed to be one of Apple’s big seasons for selling hardware. Put your money where your mouth is: Don’t buy at Apple’s. And let’s face it: If it does not hurt sales or stock, nobody at apple will care!

So, how to get stickers / badges printed in time for the Expo stating “say no to apple” or “don’t buy ipods”? “Everytime you buy an ipod god kills a litte podcast website?” What other suggestion can we do with this amount of people (and press) coming next week? What kind of logo would draw the most attention on blogs and make people aware of what is going on?

Will it be possible to have a joint statement by participating individuals and companies on the expo? Something to sign, photograph and then send off to every stock analysist you know?

How about a sound clip which you can run in your podcast? (Somebody make me some jingle, I’ll record it).

First small steps:

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7 Responses to “Say no to Apple (or: Talk to Apple in the only language they understand: Money and bad press)”

  1. C.C. Chapman says:

    AMEN Nicole! I just blogged about this as well at and man am I pissed at them. The community owns podcasting, not apple.

  2. Nicole says:

    As you said – there is a legal side to understand from their position, but this is not at all a reason to expand this further.

    And what I find most interesting really is that they only seem to go for the small ones. Honi soit qui mal y pense …

  3. Ivan says:

    Can we get a bit of perspective here? I mean, it’s a big dumb decision from Apple – but to equate it with the Nazis coming after their political opponents is a bit out of scale. No?

  4. Nicole says:

    Yes please, do put it in perspective: It is not about equatating them with the Nazis but about what happens when you stay passive. It is about the thought behind it.

    I see how you can come to the conclusion, but it really is about the idea of the poem, not the comparison to this aera. When somebody says “I have a dream!” it also refers to the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King – but also has the shared idea of a vision for a better future.

  5. JT says:

    As a shareholder in Apple I support them in this 100%. They invented iPod, they invented Podcasting. And more to the point there are many other things that they plan for the iPod that you haven’t even thought of yet. If you want them to fund a whole load more innovation for the benefit of everyone, they must be allowed to make money from their inventions and stop others from eroding the use of their trademarks. And lastly, this is a crucial time because it is all so new. What happens now will determine things for a long time to come.

  6. Nicole says:

    JT, if you think that Apple invented Podcasting I really hope you have somebody help you with your financial decisions – because they have not.

  7. carter says:

    Apple no more invented podcasting than they invented the delicious, crunchy fruit they are named after. I’d like to see them get sued by Mother Nature for THAT one.

    If someone wants to create a podcast tidbit, I’ll be happy to offer it to podcasters at