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Did you post about a city lately? Like for expample Copenhagen?
Well, chances are your content got scraped and aggregated on a site like

Answers by “Peter Parker”:

Yeah sure I’ll remove this reboot8 planet altogether …
The idea was to have some aggregated content around reboot8 but since rebbot is over and since google will take ages to index these pages, there is no point to it. I do not expect reboot8 pages to bring any money that was really not the point.

besides that : As the guy from Pirate Bay said You have your internet, I have mine

It is not about removing my content, it is about not displaying it in the first place.

Oh and btw: Google needs exactly one day to index pages, if you have enough ranking. But looking at the rest of the site – that is not made for reading experience, but solely for making money on other peoples content trying to take advantage on the fact of aggregating ‘real written content’ based on special words to a better ranking and therefor more hits.

We can give up on such people and let them win or we fight them where it hurts them: Money. I am farely sure that the Google Adsense department is in my side of the internet. Will one report help to get a person like that kicked out? Probably not. Will many? Yes.

He closes with “see you at reboot9”. Sorry. That is not the kind of person I intend to spend time with.

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