Second Life Escorts – the real industry behind Second Life


It is quite interesting to read articles from english (= US based) newspapers and magazines and how German magazines describe Second Life. The interesting difference is: Sex. Or the absence when talking about it.

Most american articles rarely mention that there is something in Second Life which has to do with Sex whereas the German articles most correctly state that there is also a lot of sex involved. Cheap sex to be precise.

If you look for most articles, SL is great because of the people, the land rentals and sales, some selling of goods and of course now the big companies coming into the game.

When in reality it is all about sex. gaming and clothes / enhancements for sex. The land rentals are only there to provide space and place for this and I would consider the sales for items non sex related to be rather small. *g*

Of course, that is not everthing, but seriously – I have never met so many cheap “escorts” as in there. Did I say cheap? When talking about prices for sex in Second life there are things you have to seperate.

There is the equipment necessary to ‘perform’ – I once wanted to buy a bed which was supposed to cost an outragous amount of money which I could not understand until I saw the poseballs … Then, you have to dress up for your occassions but those prices are very cheap given the work involved for the artist. All of this has pricing which is in game levels – cheap but okay, these are items which are sold and resold.

If you want to go shopping a bit – use SLExchange to explore a bit of the real world out there in Second Life in the uncensored part of the boutique. ;)

[If you wanna buy something there, refer me with Nixande Teazle. And no, afaik they do not show what you buy they just will give me a commision] ;)

But there is one ressource which is sold ridicoulusly cheap. Second Life Escorts! If you want to buy sex as in ‘see’ someting and get some action as text? You can call a telephone sex hotline and get poor, or you swing over to one of the SL escort services – where the ‘expensive’ ones will cost you about 7 dollars an hour – 10 if you include tipping.

Remember that 1000 L$ is roughly 3-4 dollars and take a look around here. You get more working at McDonalds!

If you dig a bit deeper into the profiles of some of the Escorts you will notice that they also expand their services towards telephone – sorry skype sex. (You will also notice that the available few male escorts have even lower prices).

Nothing against a healthy industry but girls (and the boys in disguise) – at least take a fee which is worth your time! :o)

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4 Responses to “Second Life Escorts – the real industry behind Second Life”

  1. Diane Back says:

    The website for listing escorts is no longer available, there is new one that called

  2. michael steamroller says:

    i completely disagree there are a lot of people that sign up for second life just not for sexual purposes! there are a lot of places that has sex or sell sexual things but its not like that there are many other things to do than just become a hooker or “escort” and you make second life to seem like a sexual playground which it is not!

  3. casandra kumusng says:

    Every major university has a campus on SL. So do major corporations. Yes sex is there but you have to look for it. Most people never see it except by accident.

  4. SLis Fun says:

    So do you have any proof to back up the claims you make that most of Second Life consists of sexual material? ANy statistics or studies? Or is this just your personal experience? I bet it is your personal experience. Finding sex in SL is like searching for porn on the internet, you only find it if you want to find it, and just like the internet, sex occassionaly pops-ups like pop ups on an internet site.